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And then there was light

Well, light is a bit much, but then there was some progress anyway. After few months of struggling with converting the single lap for a single car engine into multi-lap race engine for many cars, we finally found the solution, which will put Small Devil Inside project few steps forward.

The biggest problem with engine was the processor workload that would make the race hard to be processed in single go, with f.e. over 10 million procedures needed to cover race of 30 cars over 30 laps. With some clever shortcuts that will not decrease level or realism we managed to cut this down to around 100,000 procedures, which will be enough to process the race within seconds.

Right now the engine 0.033 covers such factors as driver fatigue, driver concentration, tires condition, amount of fuel and pitstop times, now we are working on pressure put on driver from events on the track.

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Small Devil Inside in online racing manager in which you can take control of the racing team and compete with people from around the world in Formula One-like competitions. You take care of the most important parts of managing the - from details of the car construction to dealing with sponsorship deals and setting up the cars and tactics for the races.

The game is played through the Internet, each week new grand prix takes place on different track with different characteristics that require different approach to the car setup and tactics.

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