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Game engine 0.035

New game engine version covers the change of tires temperature, its impact on lap time, the driver style and his concentration and fitness. Drivers gained quite few additional parameters that will influence the race, like their knowledge of the car, their reflexes, intuition / feeling of the car and experience. All of it was needed to calculate the risks they are taking during the race and how well they could handle the dangerous situations.

New engine also covers the basics of duels between drivers and the accidents that can lead to retirement from race. So overall we made some pretty decent progress this week.

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Online Racing Manager Game

Small Devil Inside in online racing manager in which you can take control of the racing team and compete with people from around the world in Formula One-like competitions. You take care of the most important parts of managing the - from details of the car construction to dealing with sponsorship deals and setting up the cars and tactics for the races.

The game is played through the Internet, each week new grand prix takes place on different track with different characteristics that require different approach to the car setup and tactics.

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