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Grand Prix Racing Online

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Grand Prix Racing Online formula one game

Grand Prix Racing Online enjoys two completely different sides of fame - on one side it is one of the most popular Formula One manager games online (if not the most popular) with animated race preview, plenty of options and active community. Unfortunately the other side of fame drags after that game for years - fame for refusing users their basic rights to cancel their accounts.

Yes, for years and years GPRO did not have option to cancel account, so once you registered your data remained there FOREVER and for years and years you would receive e-mails from their newsletter whether you want it or not. Luckily for some, the new EU regulations put stop to such practices in Europe, so if you are lucky enough to live in EU you will finally get the chance to cancel your account. If you live outside EU... they’re just being assholes and will keep your data FOREVER. Why? God knows. The game is littered with zombie accounts that are not in use for years - their internal statistics show that out of 130,000 accounts 121,000 are actually retired, so...

The game itself is not that bad, although had very steep learning curve - each parameter of car setup has value between 1 and 999, which means you need a lot of testing to put the setup right, if you are new in the game then you will be the one at the end of the starting greed. Game is very similar to, now defunct F1Time (later renamed Racing Boss), you are in charge of not full team, but single car "team" that can join another user to form a "normal" 2-set team. In GPRO actually you can join a multi-seat team (up to 10).

The options available cover most of the options that you might need, like sponsors negotiations, hiring team members, testing the car or improve facilities, although the website is a bit out of date (tiny little letters, lack of responsive design, trying to put too many information on single page).

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Grand Prix Racing Online online formula one gameGrand Prix Racing Online online formula one gameGrand Prix Racing Online online formula one gameGrand Prix Racing Online online formula one gameGrand Prix Racing Online online formula one game

Formula 1 online game

In Small Devil Inside we are simulating Formula 1 like racing competition, in which your team will compete with others in divisions and racing classes, each with similar, but not identical rules.

This guarantees to keep you as the racing team manager constantly on your toes - you have to keep up with competitors, but at the same time keep up with the changing racing world. Each season the set of tracks will change, so there won'r be chance to get bored with them.

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