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Pitwall formula one game

Created by Belgian F1 enthusiast Frank Van Laere Pitwall is quite unusual game on very basic level of simulation. From the beginning in 2004 the game was a bit controversial - while it was fun to work on different details of your team, there were huge differences comparing to other similar games. First of all the key to success of your racing team in Pitwall lies not in the inspired grand plan, leadership or clever strategy for the race, but in development. What does that mean? It means that you begin with rather crappy car, you hire designer, you hire mechanics and work on improving it. Sounds good, right? But there is one snag - it is the only way to improve your car.

You can hire better drivers, you can figure out better way of planning the pitstops, but overall it is all down to the improvements of the car. In past there were several levels of the part quality, but now (in 2018) each part is described by the percent value. Also new version of the game uses points to determine the progress in different fields - administration, manufacturing, development and commercial side of the business.

I guess you already noticed what is missing from the game - there is no car setup. At all! You improve the car parts (strangely enough you work on airbox and sidepods separately, also you manufacture your own gearboxes) and the mechanic together with drivers work out the perfect setup themselves. Interesting idea, but it takes away a part of fun from the game, because all you have to do is to choose the tires, work out the fuel consumption and... that’s about it.

Pitwall was always a bit controversial, but recent changes to the game interface and the game engine move into a strange direction and it is hard to imagine what will happen next. While some parts of the game were improved through the years, others have disappeared and Pitwall seems to be in depression. Which is a shame.

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Pitwall online formula one gamePitwall online formula one gamePitwall online formula one gamePitwall online formula one gamePitwall online formula one gamePitwall online formula one gamePitwall online formula one game

Formula 1 online game

In Small Devil Inside we are simulating Formula 1 like racing competition, in which your team will compete with others in divisions and racing classes, each with similar, but not identical rules.

This guarantees to keep you as the racing team manager constantly on your toes - you have to keep up with competitors, but at the same time keep up with the changing racing world. Each season the set of tracks will change, so there won'r be chance to get bored with them.

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