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Small Devil Inside is an online racing manager game based on over 15 years of experience with different games of the genre. As fans of sport management games we have designed the Small Devil Inside as a tribute to such classic titles as Formula One from 1985 and later Grand Prix games that also included the car setup and tactics elements.

Game is played fully via browser, which means it doesn't require installation of any software on your device - you can play it for free on any device with access to the Internet.

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The concept

In building our game we tried to avoid the trap that few other games of the genre have stumbled upon - the progress is non-linear in Small Devil Inside. Unlike in other games you can't just improve part of your car to another level without influencing other aspects. In similar games, like Pitwall or GPRO, you just move from front wing level 4 to front wing level 5 and it improves car performance, but in Small Devil Inside it is a bit more tricky.

First of all your staff does not just improve the car because they are present, they need to come up with improvement, the improvement is not something obvious. All F1 teams improve their cars to the limits, but since each construction is completely different there is no such thing as universal level 4 front wing or level 5 front wing.

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Racing manager game

Each season your team can prepare new car using the experience gathered through the previous season, which means that each season your drivers have to adapt to new characteristics of the car. Also any change in the staff might change the whole atmosphere in the team, which may influence the drivers to drive better or worse.

Each season you can also sign new deals with suppliers of the engines and tyres, which might force your team to rework old chassis or build it from scratch.

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