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Small Devil Inside is an online racing manager game inspired by Formula One and IndyCar Series, but we do not follow exactly the changes in global rules of this sport. Instead we chose to select the most interesting and entertaining elements of those racing sports and mash them up to create something new and original.

For example Formula One has introduced rules that make cars more eco-friendly and safe, so there are no refuel options during the race and the number of engines used by teams are limited. But since this is online multiplayer game we chose not to follow those rules since those elements were important part of the sport in the past. Instead we split the racing divisions into different championships that will follow different rules.

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Multiplayer racing management game

Since Small Devil Inside is an multiplayer racing management game we have prepared different championships that users can join, one them is similar to real life Formula One with structures below that are equivalent of Formula Two and other championships, but also users can run their racing teams unattached to a single championship and take part only in open races.

Also we are introducing championships with completely different approach than in Formula One, that are more suitable for multiplayer online game, f.e. one in which there are no qualifications before races, instead the starting grid is determined by the results of previous race, where winner will start from last position.

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