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Small Devil Inside is online racing team manager game, in which you can take control of the racing team and compete with people from around the world in Formula One-like competitions. You take care of the most important parts of managing the racing team - from details of the car construction to dealing with sponsors and setting up the cars and tactics for the races.

The game is played through the Internet, each week new grand prix takes place on different track with different characteristics that require different approach to the car setup and tactics.

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Formula 1 browser game

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Browser manager game

Game is played fully via browser, which means it doesn't require any installation on the computer - you can play it for free on any device with access to the Internet. All you need is working, relatively modern webbrowser and some time. It is up to you how much time you want to spend on playing Small Devil Inside - you can take part in the championship races only or give it a try with test sessions on other tracks to gain some more knowledge and experience.

You start at the bottom, in divisions that have simple requirements to the cars and the drivers, but with each promotion to higher lever the requirements rise higher and higher.

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Racing manager game

Each season your team can prepare new car using the experience gathered through the previous season, which means that each season your drivers have to adapt to new characteristics of the car. Also any change in the staff might change the whole atmosphere in the team, which may influence the drivers to drive better or worse.

Each season you can also sign new deals with suppliers of the engines and tyres, which might force your team to rework old chassis or build it from scratch.

Formula 1 online game

We are simulating Formula 1 like racing competition, in which your team will compete with others in divisions and racing classes, each with similar, but not identical rules.

This guarantees to keep you as the racing team manager constantly on your toes - you have to keep up with competitors, but at the same time keep up with the changing racing world. Each season the set of tracks will change, so there won't be chance to get bored with them.

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