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Racing manager games give user the opportunity to take control of the racing team and compete in grand prix races for the championship title. The oldest games on 8-bit computers were simple from graphic point of view, but it never meant that they were not entertaining.

Modern racing games are more complexed, but sometimes they lack the atmopshere or the gripping and original concept that the older games had.

racing manager games
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Open Wheel Manager racing game

Open Wheel Manager

Formula One team manager game published by recently reactivated MicroProse company.

Motorsport Manager racing game

Motorsport Manager

Modern racing team manager game heavily influenced by classics like Grand Prix Manager 2.

Speedcars racing game


Take over the steering wheel and manage the important decisions of your racing team.

Grand Prix Racing Online racing game

Grand Prix Racing Online

Bulgarian Formula One online manager that built a dedicated community of users, but is famous for it’s rather shady practices.

Pitwall racing game


Formula One online racing game that allows you to build your own racing team from scratch and compete with users from around the world.

Racing Boss racing game

Racing Boss

One of the earliest and longest running car racing manager online games - premiered in 2001 and with time did not changed much still attracting devoted players.

Grand Prix Manager racing game

Grand Prix Manager

Simple Formula One manager game that offered the basic options to run your team competing in 1993 season.

Formula One Challenge racing game

Formula One Challenge

Amiga game similar to classic Formula One from Spectrum, with improved graphics, but missing some vital parts.

Grand Prix Manager 2 racing game

Grand Prix Manager 2

Second version of Grand Prix Manager game published again by the MicroProse offered improved graphics and TV-like view on the race.

Formula One racing game

Formula One

Classic Spectrum Formula One manager game that simulated full championship season - player took over one of the teams, hired the drivers and take care of the pitstops.

Formula 1 online game

In Small Devil Inside we are simulating Formula 1 like racing competition, in which your team will compete with others in divisions and racing classes, each with similar, but not identical rules.

This guarantees to keep you as the racing team manager constantly on your toes - you have to keep up with competitors, but at the same time keep up with the changing racing world. Each season the set of tracks will change, so there won'r be chance to get bored with them.

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